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Why? Because PSW do all the legwork, investigating and vetting the best cash home buying companies (and the worst). Which means you can compare them, like for like, to find the best cash price for your home, see which cash homebuyer offers the best service and most importantly, who you can trust with your cash house sale.

Finding a trustworthy cash house buyer on your own isn’t easy, but with the Property Sales Watchdog on your side, it couldn’t be clearer.

Scroll down to see our independent cash house buyer reviews, and read the free expert advice in our property selling guides.

Independent House Buying Company Reviews

We’ve thoroughly reviewed and vetted over 35 different companies, to see who is the best cash house buyer and who should you avoid if you want to sell your house for cash fast.  to the absolute worst. From the most trusted cash house buyers who will give you the best service and the best cash price for your home, to the cash house buying companies to avoid.

Property Selling Guides

Trying to sell your house fast is never easy, even if there are no problems with the property. And if you do have problems, like selling a house with subsidence or selling a house with a septic tank, or you’re selling a house after divorce, or selling an inherited property, things can get much more complicated.

Understanding your sale is the key to success. In these easy guides, our expert team will walk you through how to sell any property fast, whatever the issues. These are comprehensive guides, which take a little while to read, but they’re well worth it when you consider the amount of money involved. 

About us

What do we do?

Property Sale Watchdog is a review-based website. We don’t buy homes ourselves, but we have an in-depth understanding of companies that do. 

We’ve gathered that experience and expertise together to share our insight to help you get a better deal when you sell your home for cash, fast.

We give you all the property-selling facts, statistics and information so you can make an informed and intelligent decision on how to choose a home buying company to work with.

Why do we do it?

We launched our website because we were fed up with the poor reputation of the cash home buying industry. 

We didn’t like how some sellers were being ripped off, and we didn’t think it was fair that the few good home buying companies were being dragged down by the rest.

How do we do it?

We’ve left no stone unturned. We’ve searched every nook and cranny of the home buying sector. And we’ve asked all the uncomfortable questions that make the owners of dishonest companies squirm.

Now, thanks to all of these efforts, we can give you the most accurate, independent and unbiased information available to help you identify who is the best cash house buyer for a quick sale.

What's in it for you?

By reading our comprehensive guides you’ll save tremendous amounts of time and avoid making costly mistakes. Selling a home is stressful enough, without being messed around by crazy contracts, constantly dropping offers and hidden fees. 

Our guide to the best cash house buyers will help you get a genuine cash offer for your home, with no tricks or traps, so you can sell your house fast for cash.

How the Property Sale Watchdog works

We'll help you choose

There are hundreds of cash home buying companies in the UK and unfortunately, many of them are dodgy and unethical and some are downright deceitful. As a seller, it’s hard for you to know who to trust. It’s even harder when you’re under stress – facing divorce, the death of parents, the threat of repossession or stressful property problems. 

You’re not alone. Thousands of people are in the same boat and are just as concerned and confused as you are. More importantly, you’re not alone, because you have the Property Sales Watchdog on your side. You can count on us to provide friendly support, expert advice and all the independent information you need to find the best cash house buying company for you.

All the information you need

We’ve strictly vetted dozens of home buying companies for their ethics, best practice, success rate, customer service, authenticity and much more. Just check out our critical reviews to see all the elements we analyse when auditing these companies. The more you know about a cash house buyer, the less likely you are to get ripped off.

If you still need help making your choice, just get in touch with our team. They’ll listen to your unique circumstances, learn about you and your property, and use this information to match you with the best home buying company for your needs. 

Our expert service is free of charge, as we get a small affiliate fee for recommending you, as explained in our legal disclaimer. Of course, you’re under no obligation to accept our recommendation, and you can choose any company you feel comfortable with and approach them directly if you prefer.

Get the best possible price for your home

The good news is that there are honest, high quality home buying companies out there, if you know where to look. At the Property Sale Watchdog we know exactly where to look, and we’ll give you the map!

By choosing one of our recommended cash house buyers, you’ll give yourself the best chance of meeting your goals for price and speed of sale. Knowing as much as possible about your cash buyer will give you confidence and complete peace of mind when you need it most – and it could save you thousands of pounds too. 

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