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As well as offering impartial, independent reviews of the best cash house buying companies, the Property Sale Watchdog also offers advice for dealing with the most common property problems.

All of the articles below have been written by our independent experts, giving you clear, up to date information on property problems and how to deal with them. We’ll outline your options for selling a problem property, including choosing a fast cash house buyer from our recommended list.

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All of our comprehensive guides take months to research and write. We have multiple academic writers and editors working on one article at a time. All of this allows us to supply you with the most complete and up to date information.

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We don't have any hidden agenda or ulterior motive. The property selling advice we provide is 100% impartial, neutral and non-biased. It costs you nothing to access this information, and you don’t need to register and endure endless telesales calls or spam emails.

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Our property selling guides are the longest and most thorough on the internet. However, we’ve written them in the most user-friendly way, so you can skim them quickly or read in detail, depending on your interest in the topic.

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All of the information found in our property selling guides is double verified by two separate, independent editors. Therefore, you can rest assured that the information is up to date and correct to the best of our knowledge.

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