Who is the best cash home buyer in the UK? (2024)

As you can see on our website, PSW has thoroughly investigated all the top cash home buying companies in the UK and My Homebuyers came out on top, as the best of the bunch. It’s a bold statement to make, especially for an independent review site, so let us explain how we came to this conclusion…

If you’re happy to take our recommendation at face value, click the button above to get your cash offer from MyHomebuyers. If you’d like to find out more first, then read on…

How did we make our choice?

As you know, the Property Sale Watchdog team have thoroughly researched all of the top cash house buying companies. You can read our reviews here.

To ensure balance and fairness, they were all compared using the same 17 measures, combined with our own experience of dealing with the company as ‘mystery shoppers’.

It’s fair to say that while doing our reviews, we’ve seen it all: the scams, the deception, the unethical behaviour, the rug pulls. We’ve also received countless complaints from people who have lost thousands to these companies at the worst possible time.

Sadly, we concluded that the majority of cash house buyers are simply out to take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

However, MyHomebuyers stood out from the crowd as a company that operates with honesty and integrity, providing genuine, generous cash offers backed by superb customer service.

Why is an independent review site recommending just one company?

That’s a fair question, because even we were surprised! We never intended to create a page on our website which specifically recommends a cash house buyer to our readers. That’s not what we’re here for. 

In fact, as a website that’s so proud of our independence, we’re risking a lot by picking just one company. It could seriously undermine our credibility if we’ve got it wrong and they let us down. It would be so much safer for us to hedge our bets with a few different recommendations, but no other company has impressed us in quite the same way.

What makes MyHomebuyers so different?

We actually reviewed MyHomebuyers last, which means that we’d already reviewed all the other companies on their own merits. Then we came across MyHomebuyers, and they were quite simply a breath of fresh air compared to the rest.

No other UK house buyer has ever created such a positive impression with our researchers, and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • The price they say is the price they pay
  • They pride themselves on offering the very best customer service 
  • They’re members of the NAPB and TPO. Approved by the CTSI
  • They’ll give you a cash offer in 24 hours
  • They can arrange a sale in as little as 7 days (or a time to suit you)
  • There’s NO legal fees, NO estate agent fees and NO solicitor fees
  • There’s NO hidden charges and NO contracts to sign
  • They are the only company that has all 5-star reviews on Trustpilot

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Impressive personal service

In addition to the impressive list above, our team were blown away by the personal service you get with MyHomebuyers.

Most cash house buyers use a sales team with a script to do their business, while the directors are off playing golf. However, when you call My Homebuyers, you’ll speak directly with the Managing Director, Kelvin Elliot. 

Kelvin is a seasoned property sales expert and he personally talks to each and every client to make sure that they’re 100% satisfied. He’ll tell you honestly whether they can help you or not, because he knows that a cash sale isn’t right for everyone (even if it would be profitable for him). 

This kind of honest, impartial, friendly service cannot be underestimated, especially when you’re feeling under pressure to sell your house fast. Kelvin will walk you through your cash offer, and all your other options, to help you make the right choice for you, not for him. 

We’re watching them very closely

We were so impressed with MyHomebuyers that we made a deal with them. We agreed to recommend them as our number one choice, but only for as long as they continued to treat our readers fairly, with professional, personal service and a genuine, generous cash offer for their home.

We made it clear that we’re putting our reputation on the line here. If they ever disappoint us by mistreating even one of our readers, we’ll make sure everyone knows that they’ve let us down, and we’ll never recommend anyone to them ever again.

Which means that if you’re reading this article, MyHomebuyers.co.uk are still impressing us.

Click the button above to connect to MyHomebuyers and we’ll let them know you are one of our valued readers, so you get the VIP treatment.

Does PSW get paid to recommend MyHomebuyers?

None of the cash home buyers featured on the Property Sales Watchdog have had any input or influence on their review. Our reviews are done independently, and we reach our own conclusions based on hard facts and figures, not dodgy bribes or backhanders.

To be fully transparent, we do get a small commission when one of our readers uses MyHomebuyers. We need this to fund our site, so that it remains free for people like you to use. But rest assured that this has no effect on our reviews or our recommendations, because we also get commission from other cash house buyers featured on the site.

There’s nothing unusual or suspicious about this. Most other comparison sites, such as Compare the Market, Confused.com and GoCompare use a similar business model. They earn commission from insurance companies when you click through from their site, but they’re still fact based and fully independent.

We’ve made our choice, now you make yours

At the end of the day, you’re free to choose whichever cash house buying company you like, based on our reviews, and of course your own research. All we do is present the facts to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

If you’re happy with our choice, then the next step is simple. Just click the button below and we’ll connect you to MyHomebuyers to get a no-obligation cash offer for your home, and get so much more besides…

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